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Education and Training

CCS provides online courses, workshops or customized training in various areas including: the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft Office, employee security awareness, management and leadership courses for technical fields and an online STEM course platform.  Please inquire about other topics and rates.

Data Security & Network Assessment

Protect your business, protect your data, protect your clients.  CCS identifies and mitigates weaknesses. Weaknesses lead to breaches -  they can come from human error or malicious intent.  Whatever the cause, there is guaranteed damage to undo.

Computers and network equipment need periodic monitoring to ensure optimal performance. CCS uses current industry tools and standards to assess the state of your equipment and recommend solutions for maximum efficiency.

Policy Development

Employee use of office technology should support your business. Policies are required to set guidelines around the use of office IT resources. These policies will maximize productivity and protect hardware and software from crashes and viruses.

Vendor Contract Negotiations

You're paying too much for phone and internet services. We renegotiate contracts to lower your costs.  CCS has successfully negotiated several contracts saving clients up to $1000/month.


Your brand is your public face.  Eye-catching websites, logos, business cards, letterhead and promotional items are the advantage over your competitors. CCS provides stunning branding packages, as well as strong social media campaigns.

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