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Dr. Trina L. Coleman

Dr. Trina Coleman is a scientist, educator, entrepreneur, public speaker and streaming media host of Beyond the Classroom with Dr. Trina Coleman on HBCUiRadio and HBCUSmartTV. She is the second of five African-American women in this nation’s history to obtain a degree in theoretical nuclear/quantum physics. 

As a scholar and former academic administrator, Dr. Coleman has crafted a diverse professional portfolio over a 25 year span. From post-doctoral researcher and faculty member, to executive director, assistant provost and CIO, her experience ranges across a broad spectrum.

Her professional journey includes: educating high school and postsecondary students in physics and astronomy; conducting unclassified research that focused on solving national defense issues as a Post-Doctoral Fellow of the Central Intelligence Agency; and spearheading enterprise IT and policy initiatives as a member of the Howard and Hampton University administrations. She has also presented her work nationally and internationally.


Currently as CEO & President of Coleman Comprehensive Solutions, LLC, an educational and IT consulting and services firm, Dr. Coleman has created an online course platform to help bridge math and science deficiency gaps for middle and high school students, as well as adults seeking knowledge for careers in technical fields. She is equally passionate regarding the recently trending interest in exposing underrepresented students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs. Her outreach and public persona Academic Blue Blood connect to her illustrious academic lineage, and she has crafted a playbook for partnering STEM mentors and sponsors with students interested in STEM for the long haul as it relates to physics and interactions. Additionally, Dr. Coleman conducts STEM Camps that do a deep dive into the relationship between each letter in S.T.E.M. along with explanation of concepts, hands-on activities and even animated video creation.

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