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Zion Baptist Church

If you are looking for a company that has the vision, the knowledge, and the fortitude to propel your organization into the 21st Century then, in the words of Ray Charles, "You've got the right one baby", Coleman Comprehensive Solutions!  With technology being the pulse of the world, it is imperative for a company to have tools necessary to compete in the global marketplace.  Dr. Trina Coleman and her staff are valuable tools for the operation, management, and success of the Zion Baptist Church.  I highly recommend this powerful, productive, and persistent technology treasure to all who seek to do business at a level that will surely set your organization apart from the rest.


Rev. Joshua N. King, Sr.

Senior Pastor

Zion Baptist Church

Hampton, VA

The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, Norfolk VA

"The MEAC offices were in need of hardware, software, network equipment and bandwidth upgrades, a multimedia room and video conferencing capabilities. Coleman Comprehensive Solutions provided unparalleled professionalism, expertise and customer service that delivered exactly what we asked for at competitive pricing. If you want to engage a company that is trustworthy and willing to give you added value, Coleman Comprehensive Solutions is it!"

The Tyson Legal Team, Hampton VA

"The Tyson Legal Team has confidential client documents to maintain and backup on a daily basis. The office's network and computers were not performing reliably so Coleman Comprehensive Solutions, LLC was called. A thorough assessment was done, problems were mitigated and now the Tyson Legal Team office is operating smoothly and securely. Coleman Comprehensive Solutions was definitely the right choice."

Dark Matter Films, Baltimore MD

"Dark Matter Films needed IT expertise regarding a global office infrastructure solution. The systems design and implementation recommendations from Coleman Comprehensive Solutions provided a solid framework for operations. We are very satisfied customers."

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